Friday, September 11, 2009

No dancing fever

Clubbing in Taipei is not that different from clubbing in Toronto. Except that instead of checking ID at the door, they check you for fever and then spray you with sanitizer.
I shrank away when the bouncer came at me with what looked like a portable price scanner. He pressed it to my temple and then motioned for me to go inside. Once in the doors, a girl squirted my hands with anti-bacterial gel.
Inside Spark101, I'm glad to see that girls grinding one another is universal club language. So is wearing your short, short nightgown so that everyone can see your underwear.
My classmate and his friends are a few years younger than me. Mercifully, alcohol is a great equalizer.

Tina and I wave at a thermal camera inside a shopping centre.

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  1. I'm going to do that when you come home every night. Just spray you down with sanitizer! Funny as usual hunny :)