Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deaflympics: Taekwando

Taipei is hosting the 21st Summer Deaflympics so I skipped Listening Lab today to check out the final Taekwondo match.
It's Puerto Rico versus Korea for the gold and Tina is admiring the Korean athlete.
"How about the handsome dude?" She says after she blinks and misses a clean chest hit to her hero.
"Handsome dude is getting his ass kicked."
We show our support for the competitors by shaking our jazz hands in the air.

A group of elementary school students are waving Puerto Rican flags and cheering in Chinese.
They assign schools to cheer for each country, our friend, Giselle, says.
"They shouldn't be forced to cheer for a country," Tina says. "The school that cheers for China, I'm sure there might be parents who'd object to that."
Taiwan is competing as Chinese Taipei (the People's Republic of China frowns upon the use of Republic of China/Taiwan).

Are they giving the winners a medal and a Keroppi doll? No, it's a little stuffed treefrog - the Deaflympics mascot.

Angel Rafael Roman-Martinez and the gold.

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