Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crime reporting in Ximen

A cockroach chased me on the sidewalk yesterday. After a man squished the white cream out of the poor creature, I wrote this in Starbucks to try to empathize:

TAIPEI - Dozens of people last night walked over the murdered body of an adult cockroach, the latest victim of vicious attacks against members of the bug community.
Witnesses say the victim was crossing the road after an intense bout of rain in the trendy area, Ximending, at 10:35 p.m. when a man attacked him. The victim, who is two-inches long and heavy set, darted around the sidewalk. His assailant tried at least 12 times to crush him with his left sandal.
The victim succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. One woman reportedly gave the killer the thumbs-up sign and said, "Good job."
The victim's thousands of children declined to comment. A cousin said the victim "loved life."
Roach advocacy groups such as Save The Cockroach, expressed outrage at the killing and called on the public to stop "the persecution.


  1. Too funny!!! I sort of feel bad for the poor bug...he probably thought he was home free...

    talk soon babe!!

  2. ROFLMAO, Melissa!

    Hope you're well and enjoying Taiwan.

    Check out the Toronto papers today. Something big happened in Brampton that you might find interesting.

    Raymond M.

  3. Excellent use of the "link", Mel. You're so employable!!

    ps, I miss you.