Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GPA: 99.36%. Bank account, 0.

My bank account hit zero yesterday.

But it is possible to live well in Taipei on very little. There are no problems here, as Hemingway once said, though about Paris, "except where to be happiest."

It's my own damn fault that my bank account hit zero because this weekend, I splurged on an $8 pashmina and a $14 black skirt in the Wufenpu commercial area, a maze of clothing and shoe shops near Houshanpi Station.

For lunch today, I had a bowl of noodles, fresh pork dumplings and a cold soybean milk. My noodles had little broth so I flavoured them with pickled vegetables and hot sauce. The bill was about $2 CND.

Tina and I spent yesterday wandering in the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store, getting make-overs and then we sat in a cafe near my home until early, drinking hot, milk tea. I studied for an exam, making up little stories to help me remember my Chinese characters.
"Hey, the Chinese character for 'newspaper' reminds me of Hangman. Here are the gallows. Here's me," said the newspaper reporter.
Exam tomorrow. Encouragement from Sean: "I want you to get 100% or I won't love you anymore. In fact, no one will."


  1. I still love you, just 0.64% less.

  2. I think it's ingenious, your little anecdotes for why Chinese characters look the way they do. Remember, the word "teacher" is "handsome" with a line on top. And don't add an extra whisker on the "cat"! ^_^

    PS I think Sean's hilarious. Can't wait to meet him!