Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things I've learned in a few days...

- All of the receipts have lotto numbers on them. I could be a Taiwanese millionaire.
- Bubbletea which was born in Taiwan, is so popular at TenRen’s that tapioca balls are only available at 1, 3, 5, and 7 p.m. People line up outside, buying up all of the bubbles until the following two hours.
- I keep hearing Für Elise everywhere which I thought was the ice cream man. Actually, the garbage trucks play Beethoven and people have to run out to drop off their trash.
- You park your car. A ticket agent eventually comes around, gives you a pass and stamps it to indicate how long you’ve parked. Then you take the ticket to a 7-Eleven where while you're paying for it, you can buy concert tickets, pay your cellphone bill and buy a bag of Doritos.
- Movie theatres require that you purchase designated seats. They reward you with two kinds of popcorn, salty and sweet.
(The first movie I saw in Taipei was in French: Coco Avant Chanel.)
- I need more practice using public restrooms that feature the basin-in-the-ground toilet. I tried it once and I’m pretty sure that I peed a little on my feet.

Photo credit: Tina Chen

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